Now I see – Paroles de la chanson – Miraculous, le film.

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Fiche technique.

Musique : Jeremy Zag.
Label : TF1 Musique
Sortie : 30 juin 2023.
Film : Miraculous, le film.



Now I see.

Interprétée par Lou et Drew Ryan Scott.

Couldn’t see what was right before me.
Couldn’t see what my heart could sense.
I assumed love just ignored me.
Was it fear or self-defense.

In the dark there was always someone.
Who was sharing the stars and the night.
By your side my fears were undone.
With you I’m ready, I see the light.

Hide and seek, you’re with me.
When you speak, melodies.
All alone, you were there.
And a song in the air.

I can see.
I can feel.
You’re with me.
And it’s real.
I can sense.
Who you are.
But you’re still.
In the dark.
All I know.
I can be.
So much stronger.
When you’re here with me.

I’ve been waiting for something like this.
Sparks flying, lighting up my heart.
I was lost but you brought the brightness.
Illuminating all the dark.

Do I dare not to take the first leap.
Do I dare to reach for you.
Do I dare to think about.
Every dream that could come true.

When I see.
Now I can see.
What I feel.
And I know it’s you.
You with me.
There’s nothing like this.
And it’s real.
So real.
Now i see.
Tell I always know.
Who you are.
But you could not show.
Know no more.
It was always you.
In the dark.
It was always true.
Now I know.
Now I know.
Now I see.
I am stronger.
When you’re here with me.